New York’s Lunch Revolution

There’s something happening all across New York.  Workers are more efficient, happier and healthier.  It’s the oddest thing.

In a recent interview, several New Yorkers were stopped on the street as they were sporting uncustomary ear-to-ear grins.  When asked the cause for their cheery disposition, the formerly undernourished and overworked natives simply replied “today was Mealku day at my office.”

Well, color us randy.  The love being spread is city-wide.  Our cooks have more mouths to feed than ever and by-George are they making those mouths happy!

If you haven’t yet heard about The Mealku Lunch program, it’s simple.  Like, crazy simple.

Healthful, organic and handmade lunches are delivered piping hot to your desk from real cooks who care about what they are making and with whom you can build a relationship. This is kind of like having your own personal lunch cook. All cooks are certified and work from a compliant commercial kitchen. Cost of meals are $10 (plus $2 service and tax).

Servers arrive to take orders at 10am on your Mealku lunch day and return a few hours later with your piping-hot and steaming-fresh meals, delivered to your desk with a smile.

Want free meals?  Recommend Mealku to your friends at enterprises across NYC and receive $5 off your next meal:

The menu, you ask?  It’s the proper food that you and your officemates deserve and are not getting at your local lunch spots.

Everyday is a mix of hearty comfort classics

Truffle Mac and Cheese

William’s Truffle Mac and Cheese

Vegetarian/Vegan Delights

Gabby's Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Gabby’s Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai


Gabby’s Power Chop Salad

And a Sampling of Worldwide Flavors


Isabelle’s Creamy Curry Polenta with Caramelized Pork and Fresh Veggie Salad


Steve’s Beef Bourguignon with Potato Dauphinoise

And much of it is even gluten-free!  

So, you see, it’s time.  Time to say, “I deserve this.”  Time to stand up for eating well, even at your desk.  Join the Mealku Lunch Revolution by e-mailing to chat about how you can get your office started.  

Speak with you soon!


5 Dishes to Warm the Soul

Who doesn’t love comfort food?

Tis the season for hearty, comfort food dishes that not only keep us full but keep us toasty warm from the inside out! During these cold winter months, satisfy your tastebuds with both classic homemade comfort food as well as some non-traditional dishes that are sure to be family favorites.

We asked some of our top Mealku lunch cooks for their favorite go-to winter comfort food dishes to fight the cold and hunger. Check out their top 5 picks and feel free to make them yourself!

Guinness Beef Stew, Meghan Walsh

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.30.40 PM

Mealku Lunch - Hearty Guinness Beef Stew

Mealku Lunch – Hearty Guinness Beef Stew

This hearty stew pays homage to the best of Irish cooking!  It offers multiple layers of flavor including, rich velvety sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and tender pieces of beef and roasted vegetables.

Pumpkin Penne and Sausage Pasta, Stephen Tupper

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.28.58 PM

Mealku Lunch - Pumpkin Penne and Sausage Pasta

Mealku Lunch – Pumpkin Penne and Sausage Pasta

Just when you thought you’ve tried it all, Mealku lunch cook Stephen shows us another great use for pumpkin! Playing with both savory and sweet notes, this dish is a great addition to your holiday cooking. The pumpkin sauce is truly out-of-this world that you’ll be sopping it up with your garlic bread.

Pancetta Pepper Jack Mac n’ CheeseScreen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.31.29 PM

Mealku Lunch - Pancetta Pepper Jack Mac n' Cheese

Mealku Lunch – Pancetta Pepper Jack Mac n’ Cheese

One of the original comfort foods, mac and cheese is a true staple in American food culture. What better way to put a spin on this traditional comfort food then by adding pancetta (bacon’s tasty Italian cousin) as well as more cheesy goodness! Topped with buttery herbed breadcrumbs, you can almost guarantee there won’t be leftovers.

Chicken Pot Pie, Emmy

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.33.26 PM

Mealku Lunch - Savory Turkey Pot Pie

Mealku Lunch – Savory Turkey Pot Pie

If you are looking for an old fashioned, traditional chicken pot pie, made with freshly cut vegetables, and a buttery flaky homemade crust, this is it. This comfort food classic will bring you back to your childhood days!

Mango Chipotle Velvet Chicken with RiceJeff Chin

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.34.27 PM

Mealku Lunch - Mango Chipotle Velvet Chicken with Persimmon Rice

Mealku Lunch – Mango Chipotle Velvet Chicken with Rice

Mealku lunch cook, Jeff is a master at combining flavors together that explode in your mouth. Offering both sweet and spicy flavors; this dish is great for a break from traditional holiday dishes!

Hungry at your office?  Be sure to contact us about signing-up your office for the Mealku Lunch Program.  It’s a delicious way to get lovingly prepared food delivered hot to your desk.


300 fed at Feed Your Soul

Hey foodie friends.

Wanted to share how awesome our Bowery Mission Feed Your Soul shift was at the start of the month! With your help we fed about 300 people, had a really nice day, and made some new friends! Did take a bit of sweat, an obscene number of emails and more than a few subway rides… but it was worth every bit.

And we’ll let you know earlier (two months?) before the next time we do this. Turns out the Bowery Mission feeds up to 900 people a day. That’s a lot!

We were super busy in the kitchen, but found time to take a few photos:

View Mealku Cook Profiles

Calm before the storm. Keelie checks out Hal doing food prep.

View Mealku Cook Profiles

Mealku friends Ronnie Holloway, Anastasia, and Keelie. Game faces on.

Richard's Mealku Profile

The wonderful Richard helps with prep

Hey Keelie! :)

View Keelie's Cookbook

View Mealku Cook Profiles

Ashley and Anastasia gettin’ that chicken in those serving trays!

View Mealku Cook Profiles

Calm after the storm, feeling tired and happy. Keelie, Anastasia and Hal.

Half the team had to leave early, so thanks again to Ronnie, Ashley, and Richard for being fearless kitchen warriors. Also want to extend our thanks to Mark, Mary Roberts, Ronnie Holloman and our awesome Mealku Cooks Suzanne, Ruthy, Jeromy, Molly, Shoaib, and Alison!


5 halloween treats scarier than Red Sox fans

I know it may seem like right now nothing is scarier (or more in your face) than sox fans.

But we’ve got a couple of spooky treats that will having you clutching your pillow while cruising past ESPN for The Walking Dead.

Well, to calm your nerves and get you into the current spirit of Halloween (where party rocking between food and alcohol binges dressed as your alter ego is okay) we’ll share some goodies with you for happily haunted eating. Whether you want sweet treats or dinner, we’ve got your ghoulish food kitch covered, all available on Mealku. Take a peek, lurkers :)

1.  snack o’ lanterns - yes, really…

view recipe

Hollowed out oranges filled with fruity goodness. Or at least our version is, to avoid a sugar coma. Preparation is simple: Hollow, carve, slice, dice, fill and eat.

2.  apple brainzzz

view recipe

human skull cornucopia

We’re not drunk yet, just thought three z’s would make a point. Brains on your mind? Good. Want level 10? Add a little agave, sugar, or marshmallows and bake these brains in the oven for a sugar high that almost won’t give you diabetes. Freak out your mouth with this recipe or ask our food artisans to carve one up for you this week.

Up Next…

view recipe


3.  ogre & pumpkin burgers are perfect for indulging your inner child, or your actual children. A little pesto with some cheese shaped like Jack o Lanterns over a spicy turkey patty? What more could you ask for? Feast your eyes and your mouth here.

Mother of Mercury…

view recipe

4.  this eyeball soup sounds ridiculous, and we’re not sorry since it’s just as yummy! Creamy tomato soup with a few scary spices and some tasty mozzarella eyeballs. Complete with olive irises. Make & taste this for yourself or we’ll send you some for Halloween.

It get’s even worse…

view recipe

5.  goblin flatbreads w/ bloody dipping trio
Best thing about pizza dough is that it can be shaped and cut into any shape. Team Mealku went for the misshapen face of a goblin, with a side of 3 gory dips. So, share our twisted joy and get into the spirit of eating someone’s face without bath salt, choosing which bite is going to look the bloodiest here.

6.  dulce de leche bat cookies

view recipe

Bat Cookies. Dulce de Leche. Nuff said. Let’s not leave you as hungry as this dude looks. View the recipe and feed yourself & friends, or we’ll pick up the slack for you.

Thanks for reading! Have some treats you’d like to share with us? Show us your cooking genius here. And if you haven’t, do a little good for your soul and other’s bellies to ensure you won’t end up as a ghost with unfinished business! :) Meaning we’d love to have you sign up and hang out with us at our Feed Your Soul lunch next Monday at the Bowery Mission.

Hope your Halloween week goes eerily well…

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.30.02 AM

five new faces at mealku

What does it mean to be a Mealku member? It means being part of something bigger, a family of folks that believe in the power of a home cooked meal.

In this post we highlight some of our newest cooks and share what they are cooking up. We’ve got bloggers, culinary school instructors, musicians, retirees, artists, photographers and authors.  The one thing they have in common?  They love what they do and to share it with you!

1.  Steph is a gluten-free blogger who has dined all over NYC to find the best gluten free cuisine.  She was diagnosed with celiac this year and it threw her flour-loving-life upside down.  Lucky for us she cooks up all sorts of gluten free goodies out of her Harlem kitchen.

click here for Steph's Mealku Profile

What does she like to cook? Things you can share with your friends! Like bacon wrapped peppadews w/ herbed goat cheese.  Great addition to the usual game day snacks with the bros. Or during girls’ night – just trade the beer for some white wine:

click here to view recipe

2.  Laura has a food & music blog called Eating the Beats and a stellar sounding food & music event series called Supper Studio.  She’s new to Mealku and the buzz around her Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt is already creating a stir.  Here is what one person had to say: 

“Damn delicious cookie – the salt on top is like giving your car batter a jump. It’s the extra kick that the average cookie is missing”

click here for Laura's Mealku Profile

Crazy combos like sweet potato ice-cream. Laura got creative with a New York Times pumpkin gelato recipe and channeled her inner foodie: “I tried it with sweet potato instead — it is heavenly, and just a little bit spicy” she says.

click here for recipe

3.  Shuna is a lovely fruit-inspired pastry chef with a sweetly unconventional food blog at Eggbeater - which cuts the glamorized media crap and zooms in on a “real cook’s life”

Shuna's Mealku Profile

Her savvy food adventures: “At home I get my savory on. I shop at farmer’s markets, health food stores, and ethnic grocery stores…My partner is wheat-intolerant, so I created a Gluten Free flour mix, and attempt to make sweet and savory foods just as delicious”  You can request some to try out for yourself here.

click to view gluten free flour recipe

Shuna’s also started working with Grow NYC to test, utilize and spread the word about local grains and flours, which she uses in recipes like this irish shortbread. And since she’s not a fan of “making just enough” and loves trying new food from others, Shuna is happy to trade goodies with you on Mealku.

4.  Jeromy is a runner who does a boatload of baking, and is just smitten by pastry design.

Jeromy's Mealku Profile

So, desserts are his thing. And coming from an Italian and Slovak household makes his cooking and baking styles quite diverse. His latest offering is this pumpkin cheesecake w/ cinnamon graham cracker topping

view recipe

We’d also like to thank Jeromy for signing up to take part in the Feed your Soul Initiative! Heard about this yet?  Here’s how you can collab with us on 11-4 at The Bowery Mission.

5.  Keelie is the perfect example seeing food through an artists eye.

Keelie's Cook Profile

An actor and writer by trade, she found herself in a bunch of hospitality and food industry positions. She then took her love for fitness and food and shows us how to make even the most sinful delights a little bit lighter.  Be sure to check out her blog, too!

One of our favorites is her momma’s mac n’ cheese remix.  Request some for yourself here.

click here to view recipe

Hope you enjoyed the ride! Now it’s your turn: what kind of food-enthusiast are you? Tell us if you want to cook or eat and we’ll take it from there. And if you order any of these recipes, be sure to share your reviews with us on twitter (@mealku).

Have a great week!


Feed your Soul with Mealku at the Bowery Mission

Fellow Mealku Cooks and NYC Foodies!

Life is good. Mealku is awesome, food is awesome, our cooks are awesome (don’t blush, you know you are!)

We sample and create new meals every day, and we’ve constantly got food on the brain, in our hands and available at the click of a button.

But not everyone is as lucky. Featured Cook Anastasia lives downtown, and walks past The Bowery Mission almost every day.  For those of you who don’t know, The Bowery Mission has served homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1879!

Click here to see her cook profile

So, Anastasia made a brilliant connection and we want to do everything we can to get this volunteer thing going by rallying our good-cooking members for support.

We are handing over the blog to the very capable hands of Anastasia to let us know what we can do to help out!

Take it away, Anastasia!


Thanks guys!

As mentioned above, The Mission has been helping people since 1879. They serve three square meals Monday through Sunday for those in need and feed up to 400 people a day, or more specifically, around 135 per lunch shift and up to 225 people per dinner shift. I am a member of Mealku. The connection was a no-brainer.

Picture 4

I decided to get in touch. I walked in, got some information, and after weeks of pursuing the Director of Volunteering, I got some great news!

I’ve locked down a lunch shift on Monday, November 4th, from 9:30 am to 2p.m. reserved specifically for Mealku members to help in the kitchen, and do some of that badass cooking we’re known for. 

Those who cook and volunteer will be featured in our blogs and blasts for weeks to come! (TRULY shameless self promotion!)

But we need two things to make it happen!

  • 4 to 6 volunteers for the lunch shift itself (9:30am-2pm)
  • Meal Donations (details below)


Here more specifics on ways you can help:

1.  Interested in cooking?  We need at least 15 portions from our pre-set menu.  

UPDATE! We only need now two of the items we originally posted because the Bowery Mission has generously agreed to supplement our donations!
We need food in bulk, and we know that it needs to be both easy and cost effective for you as well as the Bowery Mission.  So we’ve decided to limit our menu to 3 simple recipes for you to choose to follow. You can pick any of the following meal components and cook at least 15 portions of any of them… Click on the meal title to view the recipe; cook as many as you can. We need to feed 135 people.

Roasted Chicken - View Recipe
roast-chicken-thighs Roasted Green Beans – View RecipepicAgl0CO

If you are not going to be able to Volunteer the day of, feel free to drop it off at the Bowery Mission front desk on Sunday, November 3rd, between 9am to 6 pm, or Monday, November 4th (day of the shift) around 9am.

2.  Volunteer for the shift.
Come join us! Spend a day serving people home-cooked meals who really need it the most, and be done by 2p.m. Strengthen our Mealku community, feel good, do good.
Picture 5

Please contact me, Anastasia through email ( or on Facebook (  with questions or comments. Thank you!!

Interested?  SIGN UP HERE

Thanks Anastasia!  This is awesome :)

We’d love to have you help us out. As always, you’re welcome to join our network as a cook or eater.

Looking for a better weekday dinner? Be sure to check out our real-time menu today and order something yummy for yourself as well. Have a great week!  

Expensive food

9 steps to earning more on mealku

After a very successful event last night catering for an Airbnb host gathering, it got us thinking.  How can we empower you, as our cooks to get the most earnings out of your efforts as possible?

While warm and fuzzy is nice, and it’s a given that everyone on Mealku cooks out of a sense of passion…it would be pretty sweet to increase your earnings and we want to help!

We’ve compiled these 8 tips to help you do just that!

If you’ve been dancing around the idea of becoming a cook with us and want to have a chat, e-mail Stephanie at or just take the dive and sign up here.

If you have any additional points of advice, comment below or e-mail me at

9 Ways to Werk It With Us!

1. Be Your Biggest Fan


“Damn that’s good!”, you say as you taste your latest creation.  Well, don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for your offers to fly off the page!  Empower your postings and stand behind them like you stand behind every dish you serve.

Start by making sure that your profile is updated, and that it has as much content as you can add (bio, gatherings, pictures, videos and recipes).  Include as many beautiful images of your food as you can, make sure your recipes are plentiful and varied, and …

2. Tell your friends


“OMG – that’s like the best thing I’ve ever had…you should totes sell this ish!!”

“Well smarty-friend…” you reply “…That’s what we are doing”.

Next time you’re out for drinks, or dining at that same TIRED dumpling spot, suggest your friends try your stuff on Mealku.  Oh – and you get 5 Ku for every friend that you bring to the site!

When you send them the link to the site – send them a link to YOUR profile!  To be found by clicking on your name (top right).

3. Get Connected

Speaking of sharing with friends, have you connected your facebook and twitter accounts to Mealku?

You can do so by signing out of your account, clicking Sign-In (top right) and then linking your accounts via the blue connect buttons (see below).

Oh, technology…we love you.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.19.48 PM

4. Use the Share Now button to earn Ku! 

After every posting (cooking or eating) hit the “share now” button.  This will earn you Ku and tells friends about what you’re cooking up…really a no-brainer.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.34.16 PM

5. Get your Facebook Hustle On

Take a minute and like you’re own profile and announce to your friends what you are doing.  Your profile is found by clicking your name on the top right of the site.  You can then click like on facebook (see below)Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.49.17 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.52.46 PM

Share your Mealku profile on your Facebook feed and tag friends who you know love your food.  Encourage friends to share what you are doing (it is the sharing economy after all!).

Let them know what you’re cooking up for Mealku, post images, start fun conversations, make people’s mouth’s water.

6. Let’s Become Besties!


Online or off, The Mealku Team wants to hear from you!  Tweet us @mealku, find us on facebook and instagram and share what you are doing.  We’ve already got a built in audience for you to start with as you get more people involved.

We will retweet, repost and like your stuff…pinkie promise!

Great posts can be you making delicious food, sharing upcoming gatherings and even recipes you want to try.  For more info on awesome engagement ideas, check out your cook starter kit!

7. Smile for the Camera


There’s only so much viewers can glean from reading through your profile. Create cooking videos and post them… It helps people see who you are, and how you cook, which will make them more likely to order from you. And don’t worry if you don’t have a nice camera… shoot it with your phone or your computer!

It can be as simple as showing us the proper way to boil an egg or walking us through a recipe that’s been in your family for years. Edit simply in iMovie, or ask a friend to help. We have video guidelines and can help you on your way if you need it. Once they’re done, share these videos on your social media outlets.. Facebook, Twitter, Mealku, etc.

7. Teach a Class or Host a Gathering

cooking class sushi samba essex 044

Don’t forget that we are happy to help you organize an event, which can be hosted anywhere you like, including The Mealku loft. Teach a cooking class, or a knife skills class and we’ll help you set an entrance fee. Share your favorite foodie films, or just get some cooks together for a potluck and invite all of your non-Mealku friends so they can see how we roll! More members = more orders.

8. Tweet it UP

If you don’t have a Twitter account…get one. Start following people, be yourself, have fun, and talk about what you’re cooking up.  Share links to your feed to your mealku recipes and encourage friends based on those delicious 140 characters!

Once you sign up, be sure to tweet at us and we’ll shout you out to the community!

9. Order Each Others Food


Use the Ku you are earning on the site to try out other cooks dishes.  You can browse some featured cooks here and more are being added everyday.  If you don’t see yourself on this list, we are still missing content from you!  E-mail to find out what we need :)



5 reasons to not pay attention to Bruce and Kris Jenner’s Divorce



Nothing beats feeding your mind with great food that challanges your perceptions, opens your mind, heart and belly!

With the incessant clamoring of the upcoming Bruce and Kris Jenner divorcethe mess that’s happening in Washington and the ease of binge watching The Walking Dead (we are all guilty) it’s nice to know there are still true artists in our midst.

If you missed Banksy’s recent stealthy take-over of our city streets, you don’t want to stand in line for the Rain Room at the MoMa or still haven’t picked up your tickets for the San Francisco Ballet, we want to give you a chance to explore the world without ever leaving your home.  Sure, there are great food blogs out there (like the one you are reading right now), but viewing them can be just as passive as binge watching Vine Compilations (guilty!).

With variety as the spice of life, we’re sharing 5 meals prepared by true food artists for you to explore! From Roasted Lamb to Banana Bread, we’ve  got your senses covered. And that’s not even including the Mealku Get Now options…

1.  The Picasso of Turkey Burgers

turkey-bacon-and-guacamoleCourtesy of our new Featured Cook Ashley. The variety in this case? “Meaty flavor without the red meat.” she says. Order a portion here and taste for yourself this week, available Wednesday – Friday. Ashley is also head chef and owner of HoneyBun Catering, which you can check out here. And if you’re looking for more ways to switch up your foodie habits, she has tons of recipes on her Mealku cook profile.

2.  Enhanced Empanadas!

Picture 3We had the pleasure of trying Mariantonia’s killer empanadas at our recent Airbnb event. Check out her profile and other wonderful recipes for you to try here!

3.  Veggie Van Gough
6980800892_c24b9c5ffe_zThis Roasted Vegetable Lasagna from Featured Cook Angelin is an excellent way to keep veggies in your diet if you’re not a fan of eating anything bland.  With ricotta cheese and fresh pesto! Hungy? Angelin’s offering 9 portions until Wednesday! Request one from her for dinner this week. Want to try out amazing recipes for yourself?  Check out her cookbook here!

4.  squash soup for your soulimg_0202-1Dr. Andrew Weil’s stress-free squash soup w/ cilantro-walnut pesto comes from Suzannah Schnieder, who’s actually working on her graduate degree in Food Studies at NYU and has some great food philosophy on her Mealku profile. Definitely worth checking out!

5.  feed your sweet toothtri-star-strawberries2Especially in the form of tristar strawberry jam from our Featured Cook Shuna. As a pastry chef with 20+ years of experience, blogger, and a lady with a love of citrus, Shuna captures the last breathes of summer with this beautiful treat. Have a taste this week and poke around her cookbook & gorgeous food images on Mealku.

Know any other ways to liven up your plate? Leave a comment below :) As always, you’re welcome to join our foodie network as a cook or an eater. Stay tuned for our Pic Ur Plate and Mealku All Stars winners! If you didn’t get a chance to enter, there’s more fun on the way this season. Have a great week!



5 dishes that will have you twerking like miley

OK, Miley – it’s enough.  Your incessant tongue wagging is causing us to stress eat.  And what is with the SNL Justin Beiber look?  Although, that Government Shutdown SNL Digital Short was pretty awesome.

It’s been a rough month. Between Miley’s feud with Sinead O’Conner, Republican’s escalating drinking problems and being cut-off from visiting Statue of Liberty (we probably wouldn’t, but it would be nice if we could) we need a little comfort food.  Elizabeth Warren’s speeches are great and John Stewart is on fire, but you know what’s better?

This week’s offerings on Mealku Get Now.

Rolling-Stone-Jon-Stewart-the-daily-show-38767_344_344Everything listed below (and then some) is there for the feel-good taking through Saturday evening!  A new menu will be posted Monday – so we can continue to commiserate in consumption.

Go classic!


Sinful mac n’ cheese from Featured Mealku Cook Aaron of The Hungry Hutch? Be sure to take Aaron’s nap time suggestion. Bask in the cheese coma.


Aaron has lived up to his name for quite some time, with yummy recipes on his Mealku cook profile and a sweet food blog at The Hungry Hutch. That’s how we found him after all.

2.  put your generic takeout spot to shame

Lau (pictured below) is sexy (he knows it, too), and when he drops off your food you bat your eyelashes hoping for more crispy noodles.  Get a hold of yourself.  That takeout spot is questionable at best and we’ve got the answer.



Featured cook Guillermo grew up in his parents chinese food restaurant in Caracas, Venzuela.  He knows the ins and out of every chinese classic and elevates the flavors to something so delightful, you will happily break up with Lao. Order his succulent shrimp & pork lo mein.  You can see what else Guillermo’s up to on his Mealku profile here!

3.  experience the meaning of “love at first bite”

5bb5ce2f90be513704756ff38989508702c7d4528ca044f8The Hungry Hutch strikes again with his cinnammon raisin bread pudding. Now Aaron doesn’t make many desserts, but he says this one is a “gift from the gods.” Before shaking your head, imagine soft bread saturated in a sweet blend of milky vanilla, sugar, & cinnamon. Baked to perfection in less than 30 minutes. Luckily for us all, that is exactly what happens by 4:30pm today. Ask us to send you some tonight.

4.  find meals to have with your wine


Scalloped potatoes with onions, turkey bacon and provolone. If this isn’t a comfort food bomb, we don’t know what is. Featured Cook Mariantonia took what she likes from Emeril Lagasse’s recipe and made it her own. Recommended with a salad and a crisp glass of wine. Order it for tonight and slip away your troubles. Check out her cookbook and lovely foodie pics to on her Mealku profile.

5.  indulge in exotic pasta


Nothing like Featured Cook Marilu‘s orichiette w/ chicken sausage, Broccoli Rabe and Garlic. The words “chicken sausage” won us over immediately of course.  She has even more goodies on her cook profile here, like her curried chickpea salad (pictured below).


Like what you see? Go ahead and join us on this request :)

That’s all the tasting we can do in one sitting. If you’ve tried our Mealku Get Now, be sure to let us know on twitter @mealku – we love a good story. As always, we’re happy to make new NYC foodie and cook friends. Sign up as a cook or an eater and we’ll take care of the rest.

Have a great weekend!


on government furlough? occupy your time with squash

Are you a furloughed government employee?  Bored to tears by a lack of beurocracy?  Why not take this chance to get a few pots and pans dirty and celebrate the seasonal fall fare?

Or better yet  *shameless plug alert* let someone else do the work and order your first meal with us at  As mentioned in last weeks post, we recently launched Mealku Get Now (#MealkuGetNow) and have a weeks worth of delectable dishes ready to go at a moments notice.  Like Seamless, only handmade by the largest collective kitchen in the world.  Mealku has never been more convenient or easier to use. *OK – we’re done*

We love the government.  Really we do.  But they’re slacking at the moment.  So while the superheroes duke out the details, we’ll jump into what’s really important right now….it’s squash season, people.

If you haven’t had your fair share of squash yet, or are looking for new ways to make it, we’ve got you covered!  Squash* your recipe fears with these 4 fun ways to make this fall superfood.

*Note: all squash puns are intentional and arguably hilarious.

1.  pork stew w/ butternut squash & fennel

Picture 2

Our Featured Cook Richard actually first made this when he was trapped inside his house during a storm, with only a few ingredients around.  He’s kind of like the MacGyver of squash.

Richard  a.k.a. Squashgyver

Richard a.k.a. Squashgyver

Ask him to make this for you or whip up your own with these instructions.

How about stir fry?
Picture 12

2. buttercup squash & pork stir-fry from Featured Cook Liz. This one’s super relaxing after a long week, and easy enough to stir-fry. Once the pork takes on some color, you can add the squash and stir gently to mix…
See more of the recipe or request it this week.

With risotto…

Picture 13

3.  butternut squash & sage risotto w/ cabbage and apple dish: Featured Cook TJ came up with this Northern-Italian recipe for a Slow Food community meal to start off the semester at The New School.

On a side note, the sauteed cabbage & apple side dish (pictured below) has a slightly sweet and sour flavor, quite comforting to the foodie soul during seasonal changes. Give it a try this week here.

Picture 9

…or with rice!

4.  wild rice w/ butternut squash, pecans & cranberriesFeatured Cook Molly is actually more of a baker, but has nonetheless discovered the wonders of this versatile ingredient…

Picture 1

What she had to say: “The combination of squash, toasted pecans and dried cranberries make this dish perfect for fall.” If you’re not convinced yet, whip up a dish of your own with this recipe or request it this week.

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